Conscious Wardrobe

Conscious Wardrobe


A program designed for living circularity at Dhoonki. We are committing to take back your 12 months old Dhoonki outfits and you get green points at least worth 10% of the outfit purchase value from us! With this, we intend to cement a culture towards reducing fashion waste and foster conscious clothing choices being made.

While we are still getting to know each other best, at the moment we have this program accepting clothes which you want to donate and are not made by Dhoonki. Please fill the form below and we shall mobilize our partners to do the rest.

Happy conscious shopping!

Circular Fashion
You can upload max 3 files. Supported format should be .jpg, .png, .gif and .jpeg. File size must be within 3MB.

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Be conscious, be gorgeous

Meher -
₹5300 ₹4150

Ziya -
₹6600 ₹5250

Ash Blue -
₹1550 ₹1250

Teal Scarf -
₹1750 ₹1550

Noor -
₹6200 ₹4890

Mishi -
₹4700 ₹3690

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